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KC2SSB's 2 Meter SSB Net Listings


Time Frequency Comments
0300 UTC/0200 UTC (dst) 144.260 Midsouth Area Net
0600-0700(est/edt) 144.190 Rural Ohio EM89
2000(est/edt) 144.250 Eastern MI EN83
2030(cst/cdt) 144.210 Nashville, TN EM65


0830(mst/mdt) 144.250 Tucson AZ SWOT
0900(pst/pdt) 144.250 Nevada Net DM26
2000(est/edt) 144.180  East TN EM86
2030(est/edt)   144.220 Raleigh NC FM05
2030(est/edt)    144.230 Atlantic Coast Net
2130(est/edt) 144.155 Holland MI SWOT


1930(mst/mdt) 144.250 New Mexico SWOT
2030(mst/mdt) 144.220 Woodland Pk CO SWOT
2000(mst/mdt) 144.220 Rocky Mt DM79
2000(est?/edt?) 144.250 Sandusky MI SWOT
2100(cst/cdt?) 144.250 Muskogee OK SWOT 
2130(est/edt) 144.215 Southeastern Net


2000(pst/pdt) 144.250 No. CA SWOT
2030(mst/mdt) 144.200 Northern Rockies Weak Signal Group
2100-2130(est/edt) 144.250 Ottowa Valley Canada FN15

No net the 1st Tues of the month


2000(cst/cdt?) 144.250 Tri-State SWOT
2000(cst/cdt) 144.215 Central KS Net EM17
2030(cst/cdt) 144.225 Mobile ARC EM50
2100(cst/cdt) 144.250 No. TX SWOT
2130(est/edt) 144.220 Multistate EM95


1930(cst/cdt) 144.250 SW OK EM04
2000(pst/pdt) 144.250 No. CA SWOT
2030(est/edt) 144.250 NE Weak Signal Group


0700(cst/cdt) 144.250 No. TX SWOT
0800(cst/cdt) 144.190 Tulsa Area
0800(cst/cdt) 144.250 Louisiana SWOT EM32
2000(cst/cdt?) 144.250 Central KS SWOT

Note: The nets shown as SWOT are "Sidewinders on the Air"

When possible, the grid identifier has been included to give you a better idea of where the net comes from. In most cases, the nets are at the same time, regardless of day light savings time except where noted. If you have any corrections or additions for this list, please contact me!

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